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About Quantum Financial

Quantum Financial is Australia’s most awarded financial planning practice. We hold our own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and provide independent financial advice.

Our advisors are highly experienced and among the most qualified in the country. We work with pre-retirees and retirees looking to fund their dream retirement.

Our clients are Senior professionals and successful business owners who have concerns managing their family’s wealth and seek financial peace of mind. They want certainty that they are making informed financial decisions.

Our clients seek independent and ethical advice, not advice that is aligned with any product provider. Many of my clients approaching retirement typically either have an SMSF or aspire to have one.

Our history

Quantum Financial was established by its founder Bill Mackay in 1994. He had a vision of providing his clients with trusted, independent financial advice free from conflicts of interest that then plagued the industry.

With three degrees (in Commerce, Economics and Theology) and both as a Certified Financial Planner and Fellow of the FPA, Bill is one of the most respected financial planners in the profession. You can read more about Bill [here].

What’s in a name?

Bill took the name “Quantum Financial” from a quote from a poem written by the 13th century philosopher Thomas Aquinas.

The Latin quote ‘Quantum potes, quantum aude’ means ‘As much as you are able, dare to do’. This reflects the attitude to excellence, ethics and professionalism that Bill wanted at the very heart of everything that Quantum Financial and it’s people did.