I chat with David Koch on top tips for setting your budget

Recently I had a lovely chat with David Koch sharing our top tips for setting your budget.

In my role as a trusted and independent financial planner, I am lucky enough to have wonderful, thought provoking discussions with all manner of successful and inspirational people.

David Koch recently asked me to be the resident financial planner expert for his Money Makeover program, a full financial overhaul and transformation setting Australians up for financial freedom.

I hope you enjoy our series of discussions.

Transcript of David and Claire’s discussion


David Koch: I checked with Claire Mackay, our resident financial planner, and asked how she gets her clients to balance their budget.

Independent financial planner Claire Mackay: But what gets everyone is the $5 here, the $10 there, the birthdays that they forgot about. And funnily enough, birthdays come round every year.


So, if it’s the first time you’ve ever done this, absolutely keep a diary for three months. Your bank can actually help you if you’re putting a lot of it on card anyway, but the cash spending is hard to keep a track of.

David Koch: If you came to hear more, you can catch our extended chat at the end of this lesson.

Claire Mackay

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