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Quantum Financial Investor Seminar

In late 2017 we held the inaugural Quantum Financial Investor Seminar at the Sebel in Chatswood. The exclusive event was held for Quantum Financial clients and specially invited guests. 

The event was MC’d by the fabulous Emma Alberici from ABC TV. The sessions focused on the outlook for markets; how to transfer family wealth; technology and philanthropy.

Other special guests included Julie and Chris Vonwiller, the founders of ASX listed tech company Appen; and Mark Wills who is a Managing Director of State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) and Head of the Investment Solutions Group, Asia Pacific. 

In a later article we will summarise key highlights from the event (which was held under the Chatham House rule). Below we share some of the feedback from our clients who attended the Investor Seminar. 

Quantum Financial Investor Seminar

What would you say to someone considering attending next year?

“Be there!”

“Make sure you don’t miss it!”

“Definitely come along.  it really gave us even more confidence in having chosen Quantum as our financial partners and advisors.”

“I would recommend it to them.”

“Make every effort to be there”

“We would encourage attendance – we felt that it was an interesting and stimulating presentation.”

“The seminar was valuable time spent, and clarified some thinking for me.”

“I would recommend attending to hear how Quantum operates and enjoy listening/learning from presenters. Definitely attend.”

“Don’t hesitate and make time for it.”

“It would be worth attending.”

“I would encourage others to attend.”

“Definitely do it.”

“Worth the effort – enjoyable”


Quantum Financial Investor Seminar

What would you rate the Investor Seminar out of 10?

“10 – as good as it gets”

“10/10 – I thought it was excellent”




“11/10. Given how much information is available out there in newsletters, journals etc, I was reminded how different (and better) it is to hear first hand from genuine experts in the field.”


“9 – always room for improvement. Still have to work out where though!”




Quantum Financial Investor Seminar

What value did you get from the Investor Seminar?

“Even though I am not all that interested in financial matters I found the informal style of conversation very palatable and the range of topics great. I would definitely recommend it. We were very pleasantly surprised.”

“First two sessions were pertinent & stimulating. The Vonwiller story was fascinating, uplifting & somewhat reassuring. It’s unlikely that you could come up with a better moderator”

“It was a good mix of topics. The Appen story was very interesting. Your presentation on wills etc was a good wake up call for all.”

“Thanks for the opportunity to attend. Very enjoyable.”

“It was not a sales drive like others (other advisors) we have been to”

“Thank you for the invite to your Investor Seminar, we both thoroughly enjoyed each of the sessions”

“I think your Seminar was a real success and when you have a winning formula I would imagine one shouldn’t depart too much from the structure. Congratulations to the team that put it all together, as I know it doesn’t just happen by itself without a lot of work done upfront. Well done!”

“I enjoyed it all. I found it interesting, educational, entertaining and friendly. I also enjoyed the family photos!”

“Loved the Investor Seminar.”

“Engaging & expertly moderated – thanks to the superb Emma Alberici Opportunity to speak with other clients (& particularly the senior Mackays)”

“Very balanced,  not a moment of oh hum.  all very interesting, informative and entertaining.”

“I thought the format worked very well Emma was very proficient as MC. The most important comment is that unlike seminars I have attended previously where a large amount of selling products or justifying financial advice was given. This one did not.”

“I believe the inaugural seminar went very well, I would not change format, location or venue.”

“Great to see the Quantum Financial Team, and thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable and informative seminar.”

“The range of topics was great and the speakers made it all easy to understand, without excessive jargon.”

“Excellent – an opinion of what’s happening now in the world, a reminder to make sure the family’s  future financial plans are still  in order and a window into how to be a successful business – good spread of topics, all highly relevant”

“I did enjoy the Seminar – thank you.”

I thought all the speakers were very interesting and could have listened to the State Street guy for ever.   Claire’s talk was beneficial (I added some points on my to do list), and the Vonwillers (Appen, ASX code:APH) were interesting to me mainly to hear their perspective on business.

“Thank you very much for the financial & global review session this morning. It was incredibly informative and interesting.”

“Very engaging and interesting presentations today – well done. Thanks for inviting us both.”

“Thank you for a most enjoyable and informative Investor Seminar. It went very well.”

“Congratulations on an excellent inaugural Investor Seminar, Claire and Tim! You have chosen a first-rate MC and some knowledgeable and interesting speakers. It was good to hear about the current status of the Australian economy from people who know. Claire’s discussions with Emma Alberici on estate planning was thought provoking to me. Thank you for your invitation.”

“Claire’s discussion with Emma Alberici on Transferring family wealth – made me realise the importance of having clear instructions in one’s will and the need to consider having power of attorney and enduring power of attorney.

“I particularly enjoyed the interview/discussion format. This obviously works really well with an experienced MC and top notch interviewees.”

“The mix was excellent – the “big picture” painted by Mark Wills, and the insightful Appen story from the Vonwillers. And, of course, the Quantum Team pulling the threads together throughout the morning.”

“All the sessions were interesting and the diversity of topics added to the whole. The Appen story is impressive and interesting and opened a door for us into the AI and tech world which has/will have so much impact on our lives. Emma Alberici was terrific too.

“A good selection of speakers and topics. High quality information, especially Mark Wills with pragmatic comments and discussion with Tim about global situation. Also an amazing background story of the Appen development.”

“Thanks for including your invitation to our son-in-law Peter – esp at short notice. He really enjoyed the experience.”

Question: “What did you enjoy the most about the Investor Seminar?
Answer: “All of it!”

“I came away feeling I knew more than I did when I went in.”

“I enjoyed the relaxed presentation and interviewing in a small group.”

“The presenters were most interesting and informative, leaving me topics to consider further. It was relevant and timely.”

“The mix of topics was relevant and interesting, adding to my knowledge.  I found Mark Wills and the Vonwillers extremely interesting and easy listening.  Always wonderful to hear what other people have achieved, and how they give back.”

“I’m pretty sure that you will come up with some good ideas for the next Investor Seminar. A hard act to follow!”

Investor Seminar Quantum Financial
Investor Seminar Quantum Financial
Investor Seminar Quantum Financial

You can view the agenda and profiles of all the speakers in PDF format below. Investor-Seminar-Agenda-201711a

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