“I knew I needed a financial advisor that I could trust implicitly”

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“After the sudden death of my husband, I felt very vulnerable and I knew I needed a financial advisor that I could trust implicitly.”

Lee, Widow

“I’ve been a client of Quantum Financial in Chatswood since 2011.

After the sudden death of my husband, I felt very vulnerable and I knew I needed a financial advisor that I could trust implicitly.

Not only was I left with quite a complex financial structure, but over the years I have heard some real horror stories as to how some financial advisors have taken advantage of their clients.

I was worried about finding a reliable financial advisor that I could trust and have the peace of mind that my financial affairs were in safe and honest hands.

When I saw Claire Mackay interviewed on the ABC 7.30 program one night, I felt that she was someone I could work with. I connected with her and I am glad I did.

Not only is Claire very personable, she’s a lovely person and easy to talk to. On a professional level, she’s got a great deal of credentials. She’s an accountant, a financial planner and has a law degree too.

What adds to the mix is that Claire used to work for the same company as my late husband and she therefore knows how things are organised. She has a really good handle on all my financial affairs.

Claire works with me on my overall financial needs and goals, and she’s there to guide me through the day to day challenges as well.

I’ve found her very flexible to my changing needs as I come to terms with my new life.

Claire is on one hand very detail oriented and on the other hand has a very good grasp on the big picture of my situation. She’s very focussed on supporting me to reach my financial goals.

I feel very confident in her ability and trust her confidentiality. I also like her ethics and the way Quantum Financial charge their clients.

Quantum Financial really do have integrity – there is continuity between what they say and what they do. I don’t ever get the sense that they do anything behind my back or are only telling part of the truth. I feel they’re very upfront and honest with me.

Claire is more than happy to answer all my questions, and I can call on her any time if I need some clarification. I feel that she goes above and beyond her professional duty, and I’m very grateful for that.

I definitely rate Claire as a person, her services and her willingness to support and listen to me, whether it is finance related or not, at a 10 out of 10. I have absolutely no complaints.

I feel that there is an alignment of values between me and Claire that gives me peace of mind.

I have no hesitation at all in recommending Claire Mackay of Quantum Financial in Chatswood to any of my family and friends.”

Quantum Financial

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