Six months ago, David Koch and independent financial planner Claire Mackay discussed confidence in the Australian economy.

Transcript of interview

David Koch: So Claire, I suppose what is, if we’re gonna buy something, Harvey Norman or JB Hi-Fi hires another couple of people because we’ve got the demand and our tradie, he’s a bit, he goes and buys a new ute and gets a bit more business and his customers start to think, “Wow!” and he starts telling people, “I’m doing pretty well at the moment.” And then whether it works or not is a big fact…

Independent financial planner Claire Mackay: Yeah, and it’s also so clearly different from last year’s rhetoric. It’s almost as if we just switched a light and everyone’s saying, “Well, if the assumptions are rosy, that’s fine. But if the assumptions don’t come to fruition, then we’ve got no protection on the downside.” That’s the concern. So, absolutely stimulating confidence, but how…

David Koch: That’s where he dug himself into a hole ’cause they don’t trust him anymore saying, “I think you lied to us about how bad it was.” Australians have a great sense of fairness, I think.

Speaker 1: But I mean, to some degree…

David Koch : Don’t fall for that again.

Claire Mackay

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