“They are here for us, willing and ready to listen and help”

By February 2, 2016 July 18th, 2016 Testimonials

“Being in our mid 50’s, we thought it was time for us to get our financial future structured in a way that provides us with the security we need in our retirement.”

Maureen and Sanjay, Senior IT consultants

“We always knew that we wanted to engage with an unaligned financial advisors, so banks and other financial institutions weren’t an option for us.

To find the “right” financial advisor, someone whom you can trust, has a good reputation in the market place, and you like as a person isn’t easy.

But we got lucky, Tim and Claire Mackay, and their team fit the bill. We really appreciate that they’re efficient, competent, and well organised.

What’s more, their charging model is transparent and clear, no hidden fees or commissions are being paid. And on top of all that, we really like the people. They all are very polite, helpful and “real” people.

We can talk to them about money obviously, but also about other life events, they are here for us, willing and ready to listen and help in any way they can.

We know they value us as clients – we’re not just one of many. We can get in touch with Quantum whenever we have a question. This gives us a great deal of trust and we feel that we’ve made the right choice by engaging Quantum Financial.”

Quantum Financial

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